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Biognosis KIDS Kit

When I did my second crowdfunding campaign, people asked me how to use these tools in education. Tadaa – a new product line was born!

For a younger audience, it’s the KIDS Kit. Here, the playing and storytelling part is most important. Therefore, you can use dice and cards to play memory games with – the cards come in pairs, one showing a photo, one a corresponding drawing of a living being.

Octopus drawings & Biognosis KIDS Kit contents

My daughter helps me with the graphics. Because this woman can draw! She did some first test runs with me, to check whether the drawings are okay when small, and suitable to laser engrave, on wooden dice.

The boxfish logo drawing is Diana’s doing. Isn’t it simply great? Love it.

To every living being, there’s a story. It is written like a fable, and there are questions and scenarios where you can try the different survival of the fittest strategies to solve problems. So – bedtime story book in the evening, and creative problem-solving training toy by day. Multifunctionality FTW!

Tool Status

The content ideas are there, the drawings are tested but need to be done for the 20 cards, and the fables have to be written. Awaiting pre-financing of work and production costs.

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