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How does nature do it?

Biognosis is a rare synonym for Biomimicry, Bionik, Biomimétisme, Biomimética and other expressions which describe the process of learning about how nature copes successfully with diverse challenges and how to apply these findings to human technology, product-, service- and process-design.

The Biognosis Tools

If you are into creative problem solving and would like to use biological best practise examples to inspire you in your work, have a look at the » Biognosis Tools! You may also want to have a look at the corresponding » Instagram account (quite new, followers & likes most welcome!).

The Biognosis Blog

The “Biognosis Blog Daily” offers an information compilation from diverse online sources. It is a day-to-day collection of tweets & more, merged to create an » online newspaper. There’s also a Biognosis » Twitter account promoting this news compilation.

It is all about amplifying and strengthen scientific findings and R&D news, bioinspired sustainable design, proficient organisations, companies and interesting people.

As I (aka the editor) have been doing this for over a decade now … it is simply great to see that the number of applications and people who are into “biognosis” is steadily growing.