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Biognosis CIP Set

The Biognosis CIP Set is perfect for quality und product managers. I have an inkling that the combination of existing quality management tools with the bio-cybernetics rulebook provided by nature is especially helpful in becoming really better, in terms of sustainability and ecological quality. No greenwashing. The real deal.

Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle & Biognosis CIP Set contents

Here, the scientific base is mainly the work of Frederic Vester. His eight bio-cybernetic rules are … oh my, simply perfect.

Frederic Vester Process Rule - Go for multiple-use design of products, functions and organisations.

The Biognosis CIP Set is a mere concept for now – things may change here. But I really dig the idea to go for the very structured but circular quality management and infuse it with the control loops of biology.

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