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Biognosis Book

Drawing of the Kano model & Biognosis Book description text

During the crowdfunding campaign I came up with a nice template to explain different methods, approaches and tools the graphical way.

Mind, I am no trained graphic designer. What I can do is mostly based on web design, learned the autodidactic way. I’m learning a lot from the work and tips of professionals, knowing quite well what I can do – clean, straightforward, minimalistic layout.

I’ve got so many nice graphics now that I’d like to create a method book. You can see a lot of its future content on the Biognosis Tools » Instagram channel.

House of Quality Step 6

There’s » Design Thinking, » Quality Function Deployment, different TRIZ tools, quality management and circular design approaches as well as tips for moderating creative problem-solving workshops.

The fine thing is – all these different tools work together very nicely, especially combined via biognosis. Even more so, when your focus is the same as mine – creating SEED, sustainable ecological economic design.

Tool Status

Contents to be compiled & texts to be written. Ongoing process.

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