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Biognosis Tools & Toolbox

The person behind this website wants to use all the knowledge she has accumulated over the years to create and market the Biognosis Tools – a creative problem solving toolbox to deploy “survival of the fittest” strategies for challenges in design, business and technology.

At the moment, there are four different tools:

  • The TRIZ Set is based on the “Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving” and combines knowledge accumulated in patents with biological strategies. The set is complete, with 40 cards in a box, and a concise manual. It’s more fun if you know TRIZ, but you don’t have to.
  • The CATALYST Kit offers 40 cards, too. But it is expandable – therefore, it’s called “kit”. The focus is more on translation, with exemplary suggestions on how the strategy of a living being can used for technical challenges or business strategies.


  • The KIDS Kit is more about having fun with biology. There are cards, dice, and short stories. It aims to enable children, parents and teachers to learn about the ingeniuity of nature, and about creative problem-solving.
  • The CIP Set is based on biological solution principles and combines this knowledge with challenges in quality management. It aims to support the Continual Improvement Process.

The last two tools still need some work; the first two are nearly print-ready … the only real obstacle being financing. From 100 pieces up, pre-order – and branding! – is possible.

If you are interested, send a short » email with your questions! If you want to know more but not get in touch just yet, follow on Twitter or on Instagram – look for the hashtag #biognosis and/or the toolmaker’s handle #kreawerft.

At the moment (spring 2020), the TRIZ set cards are posted on Instagram – if you want to have a look, please visit »