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Biognosis CATALYST Kit

These cards are the most comparable to my original product idea from 2011. The new name stands for two aspects of the tool – it works like its namesake, a catalyst. Helps to induce a reaction, stays untouched during the process. And it is called a kit because it is expandable.

The card front shows a living being, and a slogan to support the inspiration process. On the back, there are “translations” – meaning examples for how special characteristics can be interpreted in terms of technology, business and design.

With the cow, it is about process design – seems idle, does digestion work aka rumination – and about the “technology” of using different stomachs for different tasks to make the most of food.

To grant full picture impact and to be easily readable, these cards are format DIN A5. The complete kit comes with complementary dice, so that you can choose your catalyst card more … serendipitously.


For ideation workshops in groups, but also to work just by yourself … they are quite universal. You can use them for tech tasks, or for process design and business modelling. My personal fav application example is to use them for creative writing, to overcome a writer’s block.

Tool Status

Over 20 cards are already production-ready. We’ve tested the drawings, they work for the chosen dice size. Awaiting pre-financing of work and production costs. Branding possible!

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