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Biognosis TRIZ Set

Although the CATALYST Kit was the first product idea, the TRIZ Set is the one which is print production-ready.

Biognosis TRIZ Set prototype cards & content description

It is a combination of 2 methods: learning from patents and from nature. TRIZ – aka the Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving – is based on a thorough patent research, with findings on how we humans solve technical problems. How we invent. Patents are a perfect study object for that.

One finding are the 40 Inventive Principles. This set shows these principles, with biological examples. What I love about it – you can see the similarities!

BTW, you may want to know – the Biognosis TRIZ Set content is open to the public (see » Instagram channel). For three reasons:

  • First, TRIZ itself is open content.
  • Second, I love to share knowledge. Blame my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, please.
  • Third, I want to gain the trust of potential Biognosis Toolbox customers.

The set is best used by people who are already into TRIZ and know about the principles. But it is not a must! You can use it without prior knowledge, too. The pictures work like idea triggers, enhanced by the principle suggestion.

This set consists of 40 square picture cards with an explanatory leaflet in a nice cardboard box. And here’s a tip for companies and organisations – branding’s possible!

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