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The website combines two main topics.

The Biognosis Blog

… where different social media sources and tools are used to promote the studying, understanding and applying of process and product design strategies developed by nature.

Biognosis Synonyms

There are many names for this approach. In English the most common is biomimicry, but also biomimetics and bionics (mostly used when it comes to the development of intelligent artificial limbs). In German it is called Bionik (mostly) or Biomimetik (rarely). In French Biomimétisme and in Spanish Biomimética seem to be the most common expressions.

Concerning this part, you can reach out via » Twitter or send an » e-mail to the editor – whichever you prefer.

The Biognosis Tools

The person behind this website is a coach for the use of creative problem-solving methods, and a toolmaker. The Biognosis Tools are her first product, supporting the idea generation process, based on living beings and their strategies.

Biognosis Tools

If you are interested and want to know more, please send an  » e-mail to the toolmaker!

The person

The afore mentioned person is Elke Barbara Bachler from Austria. She is into “biognosis” since she was little, growing up on a small farm in Styria, always exploring nature.

Biognosis Toolmaker

Since 2007 she’s more into it, on a scientific and autodidactic basis.
She is currently studying for a Master’s degree in eco-design (2022-2024).

If you want to look her up please use her personal weblog » (in German) or her business website »



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