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Method Combination: Design Thinking

Like many others I love to look at possible intersections, overlaps and combinations with other methods. Let’s take a look at Design Thinking. Has become quite popular over the last years!

Well, let’s see. How und where could you use TRIZ and the Biognosis Tools within the Design Thinking process? Here’s a suggestion, food for thought so to say:

Drawing with five squares - empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test.

That’s a basic process model. When you start out, it’s about getting a feeling for your customers’ needs. What is needed, what is wanted?

First step - empathize with customer (nature is one!)

If you are into eco-friendly design, think about nature as your customer here, too.

Design Thinking - use TRIZ tools for the first steps.

You can use TRIZ tools to help you with the empathize, define and ideate steps. They are very good for analysing, asking the right questions and for getting solution suggestions.

Design Thinking - you can use the Biognosis Tools to ideate.

And yes, the ideation part is where the Biognosis Tools work perfectly!

Prototype and test (deploy try & error, and lessons learned).

Prototype and test early, to learn and consciously make room for adaptions – and allow yourself to play the game more than once.

Last step - plan for iterations!

Now this is very “biological” as it bears resemblance to evolution. And there is the “try & error” element. The process in itself is quite … organic … that way!

If you are going for sensible and sustainable design – that’s not too bad a method combination imho.

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