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Nature as a teacher

Bee in flower bud, with text "Biognosis Shots"

Well. Nature as a teacher. Be aware! To mimic biological design does not make you *automatically* sustainable or ecological.

Nope. It does not. It’s a teensy bit more challenging. To achieve that, you need to

  • not only look at your problem consciously and vigilantly, as we humans can thanks to our brain
  • but to include the systemic approach in the evaluation process, your mindset and your priorities.

Nature shows you different strategies. No morals. No romanticizing. An unforgiving evaluation process when it comes to determine fitness.

But there’s systemic balance. What works, works in an ecosystem. Diversity-privileging and life-affirming. That’s the secret to success.

If you include sensible feedback loops, and life-affirmative evaluation criteria, you will have a chance to mimic this balance, too. And that’s a very sound basis for really good (product process service) design.

There’s an article available on how to implement nature into your » Design Process (link)

Originally published November 15, 2020 via » instagram/biognosis-tools