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Application. In three stages.

Golden butterfly on plant, with text "Biognosis Shots"

There are different ways to learn from nature. Let’s have a look at that, using fashion as an explanatory example:

Mimic Level:
You may want to mimic what we deem beautiful and what makes us feel good, in form, with dye, as a statement.

Tech Level:
You may try to emulate a certain technique, like with the burr-inspired hook-and-loop fastener, which is better known under the trademark name velcro. Or use structured surfaces to gleam, inspired by butterflies. This is often most challenging, and sometimes very expensive, using our current production means.

Systemic Level:
To use a certain aspect of biological design is powerful. But its real power lies within a vigilant, systemic design approach. You may try for a circular approach, like we see now in fashion, from make-use-trash to make-use-remake. Because in nature, there is no waste. Not that easy to do either, with our linear economy operating as it does.

BTW, the Biognosis Toolbox is meant to make it easier to go for a tech and for a systemic level application. That’s its mission.

Originally published on December 7th, 2020 via