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Cat Catalyst Card

Look at the cat picture. What do you associate here?

Cat licking its fur.


Cats are relaxed. Neat. They are into self-care.
And as cat people know – their tongue is … raspy.

And it is quite the multifunctional tool!

  • Used for cleaning.
  • Disentangling.
  • Wetting the fur (to cool).
  • Distributing skin oil (as it is water repellent).
  • Picking up skin oil (as it is a vitamin D source).

Now … how does it work? That’s pure physics.
The hollow curved spines on their tongue provide for some weird biomechanics, like the capillary effect. That’s interesting for liquid transport; high-speed cameras showed that this is important for how cats drink water, too.

P. S. Cat tongue inspiration tip:
Look up “How cat tongues work – and can inspire human tech” by 👍