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Cow Catalyst Card

Keep calm and chew on! 

Biognosis "The Cow Calm Efficiency"

Intermittency Strategy

Cows are ruminant animals. Like other “Ruminantia” their digestive system is well thought out, and highly effective. No less than four stomachs deal with different kinds of greens like grasses, weeds and leaves. Their young don’t eat greens right away but are nursed, that’s why only the last stomach (maw) is really used as long as they are into milk.

So… if you see a cow lying there, moving its mouth, that’s part of grazing.

Let’s see. Do you want to optimise a process?
Which functions could be done best during repose?
A server security check or data backup?
Or could you segment the work flow and optimise it this way? 🤔